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Rooney Education was founded on an educator’s passion to help children achieve academic success and develop essential lifelong skills.



Rooney Education, an education consultancy, was founded on the principle of giving each child the tools and path to success. Our comprehensive services are designed to meet the individual needs of students and families throughout the United States. Our education programs provide students, schools, and universities programs strategically constructed to teach essential skills to all students. Writing techniques and organizational skills are foundational pillars of students' success. As a one stop shop, our organization addresses all educational needs while not losing sight of the value of education and all the opportunities it can provide.


For over twenty-five years our founder, Deb Rooney, has poured her heart and soul into students and educators. She prides herself on the integrity of her business and values her relationship with students' families and educators. Deb often says, “I do not feel like I have worked a day in my life” as her goal has never changed since she started sharing her knowledge. Now more than ever she aims to provide each child with the resources, tools, and techniques to achieve their unique goals.


Deborah Rooney, Founder


(617) 290-9408


Our Work with Team IMPACT

Rooney Education is a proud supporter of Team IMPACT, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to make a difference in the lives of all children. Team IMPACT matches children facing serious illness and/or disabilities with college sports teams creating a long-term, life-changing experience for all involved.

 We share in Team IMPACT's mission and understand the importance of giving back to the community.  When our students seek the opportunity to impact others, we help our students create and implement fundraisers, donating proceeds to Team IMPACT, to make a positive difference in children's lives. 

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Team Impact




1) How many sessions do children need to prepare for the private school entrance exam?
We wish we could provide a specific number, but unfortunately, there is not a certain number of sessions that works well for all children. Our individualized approach is designed to meet the child where they are and considers a variety of factors when making a recommendation for the appropriate number of sessions and when in the process to begin preparing for taking entrance exams. However, if parents wish to meet for a specific number of sessions that is not a problem. A game plan is then designed to meet their needs and the plan is discussed at the initial meeting.

2) When applying to college, how does a student know which standardized test to prepare for?
A student’s learning style and academic strengths are important factors when determining which standardized test is appropriate. This is one of the many topics discussed at the initial meetings with the student and parents.

3) Do you discuss the support my child needs with their teacher or attend school meetings?
This a personal decision and one we leave it up to a family’s discretion about what works best for them. We are more than happy to speak with a child’s teacher and attend educational meetings. We believe in a team approach which includes teachers, administrators, and parents. Working together and staying in constant communication helps the child succeed, which is always our goal.

4) Do you meet one-on-one or in small groups?
We offer a variety of services and environments. Please contact us and we are happy to discuss these different settings and assist you in determining which learning environment is best for your child’s learning strengths and educational goals.


5) When conducting professional development seminars do you work with individual departments or an entire faculty?
We offer both forms of seminars as our professional development services are designed to specifically meet a school’s needs. To determine which setting is best for your school(s) we recommend discussing your objectives with someone on our team, so they can best guide you on your options and assist in the decision process.

6) Can you guarantee my child will be accepted into an independent school or a specific college?
We cannot guarantee your child will be accepted into a school or college; however, we are proud of our track record of having a high acceptance rate into schools and colleges across the country.

7) How does your college consulting differ from the services offered at my child’s school?
We offer a personalized approach and spend more time guiding students through each facet of the process in a deeper manner than most school counselors who must support a large number of students. From the moment we meet with you and your child, our focus is designing an individualized plan to meet their needs and achieve their goals.
Our motivation is not getting a child into a specific college, but rather helping your child select and be accepted to a college where they will be happy and excel in all facets of college life.

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