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Our private tutoring provides tailor-made support for your child to  gain confidence in the classroom and reach new heights.

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Orton Gillingham

When a child learns to read, their life is changed forever.

Orton Gillingham is a multi-sensory phonetics technique originally designed for dyslexic children; however, this approach has proven to be successful in supporting all children struggling to read and spell. Our certified Orton Gillingham specialists conduct an initial consultation with a child and their parents. This step is followed by administering educational assessments to determine a baseline and develop a plan to address a child’s challenges by using their strengths. Our consultants work one on one with a child to overcome reading and spelling challenges and provide recommendations to schools and parents that facilitate that individual’s growth and achievement. 

Orton Gillingham

Rooney Writing

Though the Rooney Writing program we provide a systematic approach to developing lifelong written communication skills.

The Rooney Writing program is designed for students grades 3 through college. By starting with a single paragraph, students learn how to grow their essay writing skills. We meet students where they ARE, not where they “SHOULD BE”. We realize each student learns at a different pace and strong foundational writing skills are critical to success. Our goal is to provide students with the confidence and abilities to handle writing tasks with ease and instill critical communication skills that will carry on throughout their academic and professional careers. 

Writng Development
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Study Smarter Program 

Essential skills for students to achieve their goals.

Study and organization skills are imperative to setting students up for success in the classroom. At Rooney Education we go beyond what is taught in most classrooms and provide private and group tutoring sessions to help students implement strong skills designed to match their personal way of learning and their educational demands. We enable students to become independent learners at all grade levels by incorporating a range of topics that meet the demands students currently face and will soon encounter in their academic careers.

Our program enables educators to promote self advocacy and mastery of the following:

  • Note-taking

  • Organizing work materials

  • Constructing and delivering presentations

  • Time management

Study Smarter Program
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