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Mary (parent) on Tutoring

Deb has tutored and coached all three of my kids from the late elementary years to post college.  She has helped build confidence in all of them. She knows exactly how to bring out the best in her students through her baseline assessments, organization skills, learning techniques, and coaching style.  My daughter had the toughest time believing she could be a good writer. Deb helped her become a strong skilled writer, and now she even enjoys writing.

Tyson (educator) on Rooney Education

I have known and worked with Deborah Rooney for over 20 years in various capacities as both a colleague at Belmont Hill School and a friend. Over that time, I have referred countless students and families to her needing additional support from reading and writing to bolstering study skills and standardized test preparation. She is skilled in various areas, and her professionalism, care, and concern for her clients shine through. She is adept at simplifying complex material, identifying and creating specialized learning plans for her clients that yield success. Deborah was one of the first people I spoke to regarding my children as they approached the application process for a local independent school. Her years of experience were an invaluable asset to our family. I would highly recommend Rooney Education.

Ava (student) on College Admissions

Being a student during covid could be challenging at times, however, Deb was there helping me through the process in a more detailed manner than what was given by my school. She's extremely knowledgable about the college process. She gave me confidence in writing, corresponding, and speaking with college recruiters which, to me, was very helpful. Although the process may be over,Deb is still invested in me and my college decision, which is something really special. 


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We are proud of our relationships with current and former students, parents, coaches, and educational professionals and are always excited to hear about the positive impact we have on their lives.


Finn (student) on Tutoring

Deb is so nice and always pushed me to work harder in a productive way. I really like how she is ready for the next subject but willing to review anything I don't totally understand. I actually look forward to seeing her each week!

Jacqueline (parent) on College Admissions

I don’t know where we would be without Deb’s help!  From test preparation to college application strategies, she does it all.  We definitely needed some hand-holding during the college search and application process for our son, Nolan. Deb was able to walk us through every step and offered assistance whenever we needed it.  Her personality and ability to connect with kids made my son actually enjoy working on his applications.  Deb ensured that he was putting forth the best possible package of information to his colleges and even advocated with admissions counselors on his behalf.  In the end, Nolan was admitted early to his first choice, reach school by mid-December and he is now enjoying the rest of his senior year. We are so thankful for all Deb did to help Nolan get to his dream school.  His future is bright!

David (educator) on Rooney Education

Deb Rooney has years of experience helping students with learning challenges and disabilities. She knows how to help them build their skills as successful learners. Deb believes in every student's
potential and cares about their success.

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