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Educator Support

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Our programs for educators and administrators provide the tools to empower entire classrooms and schools.

Rooney Writing for Educators

Rooney Writing for educators enables teachers to develop their students’ writing ability and prepare them for future academic endeavors.

Rooney Writing is a structured package of written and digital content that guides educators on how to properly teach foundational writing skills in grades 3 to 12. Teachers will now have the tools to meet their students where they are and be empowered to progress through the program at a rate that is most conducive for the children. This combination makes it possible for students to develop strong communication skills that are essential for future success.

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Rooney Writing forEductors
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Study Smarter Program for Educators

Regardless of the subject matter or grade level proper study and organization skills are keys to success in the classroom and beyond.

The Study Program For Educators was created to provide foundational skills that are a prerequisite for all students success. Our step by step program presents educators with the tools for teaching effective organizational and study techniques including lesson plans, real life examples for their students, as well as a guided approach to reinforce past lessons. All with the goal to create independent and confident learners.

Our program enables educators to promote self advocacy and  mastery of the following:
• Time management
• Note taking
• Organizing work materials
• Constructing and delivering presentations

Study Smarter Program for Educators

School Administration Consulting

Our Rooney Writing, Study Smarter, and College Consulting programs provide optimal learning resources for schools to utilize at all grade levels.

 We share effective advice with school leaders and administrators that allows them to foster a learning environment focused on the growth and development of each individual student. By assisting with the implementation and execution of our programs we are able to transform entire curriculums to include critical skills such as organization, time management, writing, and more without losing sight of the individual student’s needs. From elementary school teachers to college counselors, we are here to assist in addressing the needs of your school.

We understand that every school is different and want to make sure you have the right tools to fit your program.  

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School Administration Consultin
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